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SEO Optimization Services

  1. To do optimization services, you have to select the best optimal service provider!
  2. As a leading provider of optimization services, Tatung information with rivals can not match the competitive advantage!
  3. To your site through 「optimization」 will enhance your site in Google and BaiDu site’s ranking. SEO is the English abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization is a site dedicated to the optimization of meaning.
  4. Optimized website will not only improve the rankings in Google and Baidu ranked the improvement will have an impact anywhere in the world a search engine.

Our services include the following nine areas:

  1. Site structure analysis, has a good site structure, in addition to favorable position, we will also give visitors a great benefit
  2. Browser Compatibility Test
  3. HTML / CSS syntax correctness
  4. Link correctness checking
  5. Site information navigation optimization
  6. Analysis of interactive sites
  7. A comprehensive examination of information-related products (a direct impact on your users access to useful information)
  8. For different products and services, a single page optimization
  9. Company’s other search engine professionals review

Search Engine Program

  1. Provided by you need to rank the key word to us;
  2. Tell us about your website in promotion of the object are;
  3. According to the information you provide, we further analyze the object of search browsing habits and search psychology;
  4. Determine the site of the main marketing keywords and through the other pages can support marketing of keywords;

Analysis of search engines and directories and submit

  1. On the Web site promotion speaking, search engines and Web directories are very important.
  2. Search engines are basically through the spider (Spider, Robot or Crawler) to retrieve and included pages. Through complex algorithms, search engines for each Web page included scoring and determine their ranking.
  3. Catalog are normally filled by manual methods to filter and included the site. By its very nature, your site will be allocated to each subdirectory to go.
  4. Our analysis of search engines and directories to submit your site to appropriate search engines and directories to and in accordance with the needs of your site, its changes and adjustments to make consequential.

Our service commitment

  1. We follow the international practice on your site from the overall structure of the column structure, web content, internal and external links, and a different perspective, multi-faceted position to do optimization services;
  2. Help you explore the best option for the international market, beyond the world of online competitors!