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To fully matchERPsystem and business workflow, it can’t void a little further development of EBS system. The aim of customization is to cater to customer’s business needs which cannot be achieved via standard functionality.。

  1. Helps to customize implementing business rules
    • Processing
    • Security
    • Compliance
  2. Make applications easier to use
  3. Make applications to attain/meet business requirements efficiently
  4. Display company or organization identity

Overview of Customizing Oracle Applications

Customization is divided basically into two types:

  1. Customization By Extension
    1. Defining customer based Custom Application
    2. Adding custom menu, responsibility, functions, report and so on
    3. Changing the profiles and folder definitions, flex fields
  2. Customization By Modification
    1. Modifying an Existing Form, Report
    2. Creating a new Form, report

There are different ways to customize Oracle Applications. Most common types of customizations include:

  1. Changing forms
    • Appearance
    • Validation logic
    • Behavior
  2. Changing reports or programs
    • Behavior
    • Logic
  3. Database customizations
    • Adding read–only schemas
    • Augment logic with database triggers
  4. Integrating third party or custom software
    • Re-linking programs