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Mobile Office is the economic, technological, social development and progress of the joint product of all three. Through a wireless Internet platform (MIP) and its application system support, mobile office has become a way to allow users access anytime, anywhere, simple and fast, safe, reliable, affordable communications and office capacity solution. Through the mobile office and wireless access protocol (WAP) technology, people can at any time, anywhere office, from mobile phones, handheld PCs, personal digital assistants (PDA) such as terminal equipment to send and receive data, surf on the Internet. Wireless Internet platform for the Internet and mobile communications networks are organically integrated to provide powerful wireless Internet application support capabilities, is to achieve important network supporting mobile office technology.

When you leave the office, too busy to participate in meetings or on a business trip, your daily business will do? Of course, fax and e-mail will still arrive on your fax machine and e-mail, but you can not see them in a timely manner and to respond quickly. When your customers need you some urgent changes to a work, and you just out of the office, nor to carry the relevant documents, how to do? You may only be to the customer to say 「sorry」 the. However, your business will be affected, customers will be delayed because you feel unhappy and disappointed, so you lose many opportunities.

In fact, when you are out of the office, but need access to certain materials, reply, distribute, display, modify or read the situation is very common. Therefore, you have to extricate themselves from this predicament. Will enable them to properly conduct business anytime, anywhere, let a customer fail, the best solution is to make your office as you like with 「mobile」 together, so that you get anywhere, simple and fast, safe, reliable, affordable communications and office capacity. As the communications technology, network applications, and wireless Internet development, mobile office has become increasingly simple and compact, or even just a data communication enabled mobile phones can be realized. At this point, mobile office has been put into the pocket you have to truly realize the office mobility. It features the use of mobile phones for voice communication; the use of data communication capabilities, so that most of the computing and storage work is done on the other hosts on the network; use the Internet to obtain the required materials and data; the use of mobile phones, infrared interface with computers, printers , scanners and other devices.

Mobile Office is bringing the convenience of casual work environment, but also there are some, such as device interface do not match, a lack of battery power is not desired. However, we believe that as technology advances, people are sure to overcome difficulties. Mobile office will enable smooth flow of your business and realize the dream of complete freedom of communication. Users will enjoy the colorful life and a better working environment; the user’s standard of living, working efficiency and productivity of enterprises, it will greatly increase.