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Architecture and Technology

R11i & R12 Technology Contrast

R11i & R12 Component Contrast

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Technology – Change from R11i to R12

New Features in R12

  • AutoConfig can be run in parallel on different nodes of Apps
  • Technology Stack Inventory Validation Report
  • Shared Application Tier File System Amongst Multiple EBS Instances
  • Record History is now available for OA Framework based pages
  • Concurrent requests and managers can now be directed to a specific database instance or node

Analysis and Planning

Why update?

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EBS Support

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Features in R12

  • Think Globally
  • Work Globally
  • Manage Globally
  • Reduced pop-ups & duplicate screens
  • Reduced steps to complete key tasks
  • Improved look, feel and visual style
  • Increased personalization capabilities
  • New functionality in the Financials area
  • The best in technology : 10gR2 & 10gAS

Application Migration Path

Upgrade Path

Applications R11.5.7 and up can be directly upgraded to R12

Database in all releases must have been upgraded to 10gR2 ( or should be done during upgrade to R12 ( and below)

Simple Project Plan

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Technology Improvements

    • AutoPatch replaces AutoUpgrade tool
    • AD parallel infrastructure improvements for work distribution of Large Table Update
    • Inclusion of Gather Auto Stats job in R12 Upgrade driver itself to keep statistics up-to-date after the upgrade
    • sqlplus parallel directive to eliminate the contention between jobs executing parallel query
    • Optimizer dynamic sampling (for objects with no statistics)
    • Converted non-critical jobs as concurrent manager requests to reduce overall downtime
    • R12 unified upgrade driver provides an option to defer compilation of PL/SQL packages during creation


Maintenance Wizard

  • This tool will guide you through upgrade of Oracle Applications technology stack and products from Release 11i versions to Release 12
  • Currently, the Maintenance Wizard performs the following types of upgrades:
    • Upgrades to 11i via the Upgrade Assistant for Release 11.5.10 product. This includes:
      1. 10.7 NCA to
      2. 11.0.3 to
    • Upgrades within 11i via the Maintenance Pack Assistant for 11.5.10 product. This includes:
      1. 11.5.3 or higher to
    • Upgrades to Release 12 via the Upgrade Assistant for Release 12 product. This includes:
      1. 11.5.8 or higher to 12.0.4
    • Release Update Pack upgrades via the R12 RUP patches. This includes:
      1. 12.0.0 r higher to 12.0.6
    • RDBMS upgrades for Applications customers via the Applications Database Upgrade Assistant 10g and 11g products. This includes:
      1. 8i to 9i to
      2. to 11.1 10.1 or 10.2 to 11.

Upgrade by Request

  • Option to additionally upgrade historical data that has not been upgraded during the initial upgrade process
  • Historical data can be upgraded anytime when system is up or down
  • Following products historical data can be upgraded at a later date
    • Financials and Procurement
    • Projects
    • Supply Chain Management
    • CRM

Analysis and Planning: Pre-Upgrade Tasks

Analysis and Planning: Upgrade Tasks

Analysis and Planning: Post Upgrade Tasks