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Computers have become indispensable tools for enterprises. Moreover, along with the development of information technology, enterprises will face more and more problems in the maintenance and management of computers and network systems. Especially for non-IT enterprises, the system hardware troubles, virus prevention and system upgrading, if not effectively handled in time, will affect the normal operation of the enterprises. How to ensure normal operation of a computer network system and catch up with the newly developed technology is usually a brain-straining problem. If professionals are invited to solve these problems, on one hand, the cost is high, and on the other hand, not all problems can be solved because of the limitation of specialty and knowledge.

We can provide all-round maintenance service for computer systems, enabling your enterprise to have relatively stable system performance at lower cost, to ensure normal use of your computer system at the best cost performance and to rid of your potential encumbrance so that your enterprise can concentrate all your efforts on the business growth and the unceasingly enterprise advance in your professional field.

A golden rule for modern enterprise operation is “maximum profit and minimum cost”. Peter Diruke, a Master of Management thinks that to achieve this goal, in any enterprise, all supporting jobs that do not create business volume should be outsurced and all activities and operations that do not provide the opportunity for the enterprise to develop further should be outsurced also.

Due to increasing fierce competition, all companies have their own core technologies, products and market orientation. The enterprises’ development depends on the success of their core business. An effective measure for success is that an enterprise outsources its operation or management that is not in the core field but is of importance to other companies that specialize in relevant fields and liberates itself to focus on the development of its core business. Investigations on outsourcing in foreign countries indicate that: outsourcing agreements lessen the enterprises’ cost by 9% in average but improve the quality and capability by 15%. At present, outsourcing service is highly acknowledged and widely used in many countries and regions in the world.

For outsourcing service, our company has good and long term cooperation relationship with numerous customers. We can provide all-round outsourcing services to customers according to their needs, from IT system planning, system execution to operation and management, including desktop environment administration service, basic IT environment administration service and electronic business service etc. We can also provide network management service, accidental event administration, performance administration and administration of variation and configuration. With these services, the level of IT service is improved, thus the customers can free themselves from the repeated and complicated IT maintenance and management work and pay more attention to their core business so as to raise their competitive power.

Cost saving – For a small- or medium-scale enterprise having few computers, if a full-time engineer is employed, the enterprise has to pay corresponding salary, welfare, insurance, etc. for the engineer. However, the volume of maintenance work is not large, so the expenditure is higher. If the enterprise uses our service, it can greatly lessen the costs related to system maintenance and lower the enterprise’s expenditure.

Rich experience – We can provide powerful services to enterprises, including the service items such as establishment of system equipment archive, record of system maintenance and analysis of system maintenance record etc. Our engineers not only have rich experience but also gain powerful technical support from our company so they can ensure the normal operation of the users’ systems.

Comprehensive technologies – An enterprise would face numerous technical problems in hardware, software, local area network, internet, database, etc. To solve a problem, many professional engineers are usually needed. We have comprehensive technical background and have the ability to provide all-round technical services like system maintenance, local area network maintenance, etc.

Stable service – Computer systems are more and more important for enterprises, and IT persons frequently change their employment. Therefore, it is very important to ensure stable maintenance service to the computer systems. With the effective administration system and the philosophy of sincerely serving the customers, we can ensure the stability of your computer systems to the maximum extent, thus to provide powerful safeguard for the normal operation of your enterprise.