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IT Training Services


As a professional IT service provider with the most abundant industry experience and technical strength, our main commitment is to provide customers with industry-leading and high-quality IT training services!

Since our establishment, we grow rapidly and steadily with the government, telecommunications, finance, moving, manufacturing, electricity, taxation, IT and many other industries and corporate customers. We directly participate in the implementation of medium-sized enterprises in the construction of technical support and training programs. At the same time, we have trained a large number of senior IT technicians for many well-known enterprises which directly contributed to the regional economic prosperity.

We become the best technical support partner of various industries and enterprises with a strong and stable faculty, a comprehensive and systematic training plan, and high-quality and flexible training methods, covering high-quality resource training for companies and individuals.

Our commitment


Mature and systematic training courses

Our training services with the use of Microsoft, SUN, IBM, BEA, Oracle, Cisco and other standards of the curriculum materials and service standards, combined with the senior lecturer in enterprise project experience, to provide the following sophisticated and systematic training programs: IBM products and and technical training, Cisco networking and technical training, Microsoft series of training courses, SUN series of training courses, Oracle Series Courses

A strong and stable faculty

We have a team of experienced full-time lecturers in the industry, they have at least 3 years of experience in corporate projects, and have consistently adopted a strict training and supplier certification system. In addition, with the rise of IT training, it has been fully supported by professional consultants from Microsoft Global Technical Support Center and SUN (China) Training Department. These are the industry-leading technical strength and development potential of trainers like IT training services.

Flexible and efficient approach to training

Standard Course:

Our training services provide advanced classroom training in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, equipped with complete equipment and first-class teaching environment standard courses, and regularly conduct public training. You can choose the content, time and location of the training according to their actual situation.

Customized Courses:

Enterprise customers can formulate courses and IT training services according to their actual situation and arrange customer-specific temporary courses according to local conditions.

Complete the training program

Our training services can provide technical experts to clients to analyze the entire IT life cycle, changes in demand, as well as under the different needs of multi-level training requirements, develop targeted training programs and solutions.

Professional and timely support services

Our IT consultants can work with different IT partners to build a training service covering the central support network according to the customer’s training needs to respond quickly and take specific arrangements to ensure that customer’s IT problem and difficulties can be resolved quickly and satisfactorily.