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Introduction of Clients

Hai Cheung Trading Co. (HK) Ltd., is your professional and comprehensive partner in the marine industry. Hai Cheung is a major product and service provider in Chinese shipbuilding industry. Having over 10 offices within China, 1 in Vietnam, joint ventures in Singapore and Greece, we have established close relationships with all shipyards in China as well as shipowners in different places around the world. We are able to offer our business partners to benefit from such niche connections and relationships. Our diversified business includes Sales; Ship Brokerage; Legal Consultancy; Exporting; Manufacturing; and Harbor Services. We are constantly aware of the maritime industry’s new regulations (such as IMO conventions), and offers the most up to date and highest quality products to our customers.

Background of the Project

As the client branches distributed across regions the employees are highly mobility and the voice in having a cloud solutions in managing business is increasing. Opportunity management is a key success factor for the business owner hence making a success deployment of opportunity management solutions is caveat for the first cloud business initiative.


Customer selected Oracle Sales Cloud to manage their sales opportunity. Hai Cheung represents various products from more than ten countries including marine, shipyard construction, and offshore equipment. A full range supply capability and the ability to offer a one-stop service for the products and customer treasure every single opportunity that would bring to revenue.

Results Accomplished

  1. Single place on opportunity management
  2. Contact management
  3. First success in cloud application